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"Mistakes are the portals of discovery"
James Joyce (Irish writer and poet,)

"Failure is success if we learn from it"
Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (Publisher of "Forbes magazine")

"Correct to 99% is wrong"

"The flaws are not free. Somebody give their source and is paid to do it"
William Edwards Deming (guru of quality)

"Failure is the seed of success"
Kaoru Ishikawa (guru of quality)

"Most managers are so concerned with today and to solve their problems, real or imaginary, that is unable to plan corrective actions that go beyond a week"
Philip B. Crosby (Quality Guru)

"In the U.S. about one third of what we do is to rework what has already been produced"
Joseph Juran (guru of quality)

"Why waste all this time to search, sort things out and mix when you could have prevented the problem from the beginning?"
Philip B. Crosby (guru of quality)

"It takes a very unusual mind to analyze the obvious"
Alfred North Whitehead (British mathematician and philosopher)

"All men make mistakes, but only the great learn from their mistakes"
Winston Churchill (statesman)

"One way to prevent errors:

  • See that mistakes are less likely
  • make sure you can redo things over again if you fail and make mistakes more difficult things that can not be remade
  • Make it easier to detect errors when they
  • correct them "

D.Ä. Norman (The Design of Everyday Things "- 1988)

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